Product designer


Product designer


I am louilo, a Designer/Engineer with 8 years experience in User Experience and User Interface. I'm witty and curious with a creative approach to projects and an eye for communication trends. My wireframes are always based on concrete user data and usability testing. I place the user at the centre of the design process. My goal is to challenge myself, add to my tool-belt, and have fun with motivated and talented people. My side projects include the preparation of UX design articles and research into the next generation of User Interfaces. I am also interested in data sciences and in developing smart chatboxes and robots.

Work experience

04 Years

UX/UI Engineer Associate - Societe Generale

From september 2015 - Current job.

I work on the development of the SG Markets electronic suite (desktop and mobile) for cross asset financial web services. The solutions include the financial research website, FX exchange services, and complex product builders for algorithmic, quantitative or automated trading. Since November 2017, I work on the SGCIB new design-system. We use it to build the new generation of SG Markets web services.

16 Months
01 Year

UX/UI Designer - Freelance

From 2014 to 2015

Societe Generale, Harrods, Harrods aviation, Kurtgeiger, LivingSocial, ...

Harrods Sneaker WAR iOS/android game

Designed the interface of an advertising game based on the famous Candy Crush video game. The game was developed to promote the new Harrods sneaker collection in collaboration with luxury brands (Dior, Gucci, Louboutin...)

Kurtgeiger Responsive website

Worked on a wide range of projects. My main projects have included the design of the responsive store-locator and website (www.kurtgeiger.com).

01 Year

Graphic Designer - LVMH

From 2013 to 2014

Designed print and digital marketing and media campaigns for the FALL/WINTER 2013 and SPRING/SUMMER 2014 visual collections.
Brands : Kenzo, Nina Ricci, Hugo Boss, Ted lapidus, Christian Lacroix


2014 /

La fonderie de l'image - CFA'COM

Paris, France

1st year of Master's in International Management Multimedia

Personal project

2013 /

La Quinzaine - Co-Founder

Paris, France

Co-Founded a start-up and designed an E-commerce platform to sell Paris Design School's products.
La Quinzaine specifically targets cosmetics and ready-to-wear collections designed by unknow students with a lot of talent.
La Quinzaine offers to designers a pure player e-commerce platform to distribute their products around Europe. Every 15 days, the selection of products is renewed at advantageous prices.



The diagram below is illustrating the time spent and the level of knowledge I have with each language.


The diagram below is illustrating the time spent and the level of knowledge I have with each framework.


The diagram below is illustrating the time spent and the level of knowledge I have in each software.